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Receive important texts! We want you to receive important text updates before the convention! Text @move-2023 to the number 81010. You'll receive a welcome text from Remind (app). If anyone has trouble with 81010, you can try texting @move-2023 to (484) 241-4261.

Deacons! Bring your tonia. Looking forward to having a filled church with deacons in the Divine Liturgy on Sunday.



Adhering to the following guidelines will guarantee an enjoyable time spent filled with spiritual benefits. For your safety, everyone is required to remain on retreat center property for the entire conference.



  1. Please respect the rooming assignments and only sleep in your designated room. 

  2. Please bring your own bath towels and toiletries (toothpaste, shampoo, etc.). The retreat center will not supply them.

  3. St. Stephen's Retreat Center completed a lot of renovations and it looks great! Please be aware all occupants will be held financially responsible for any damages to the room or its contents (bed, linens, comforters, furniture). 

  4. Please keep your room key in a safe place so that you do not lose it, and keep it away from your cell phone or credit cards so it doesn't demagnetize. If you have an issue with the room key, please contact one of the Committee members, not the front desk staff. 

  5. There is no Wi-Fi available for the attendees. 



  1. Activity attire: shorts, short- or long-sleeve t-shirts

  2. Formal attire: pants during prayer and liturgical services



  1. Please be on time for all scheduled events: liturgy, stations, prayers, meal times, etc.

  2. Please switch your cell phone to silent/vibrate during prayer services and the stations.



  1. Christian behavior is expected from each attendee. Inappropriate language is unacceptable...and not suitable for Christian young men. Not cool.

  2. Smoking or consumption/possession of alcoholic beverages or drugs is prohibited, and simply very bad for you!!

  3. Leaving the retreat center site or ordering food delivery is not permitted. You will not be hungry - guaranteed!!!



  1. We will be observing the Advent Fast during the period of the convention; thus, all meals will be catered in accordance with the fast's diet.

  2. Coptic Cafe will be open during the course of the conference for snacks, drinks, smoothies, etc.

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